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Meet the founder- Nicholas  Noble-Willock

I've been involved with health and fitness for 17 years and personal training for 10 years. I started as a gym instructor at a local gym in my home city of Salisbury.

I started resistance training at 15, taking it more seriously at 17, developing a solid foundation of training principles  through trial and error. I found it incredibly fascinating—changing angles, grips and variations of exercises, and seeing how it changed my physique.  

I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Danny Pokai, who has worked in every imaginable aspect of the fitness industry.  He has been a physical preparation consultant, personal trainer, gym instructor, a contributing writer on exercises, and even a training device designer. He introduced me to various concepts and a vast number of training methodologies, many of which I use and incorporate with my clients to this day.

I spent some time assisting with a stroke rehabilitation program, where I helped patients set up and execute the exercises prescribed to them. Around this time, my father had a stroke and had to go through rehabilitation himself. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to help as many people as I could through the promotion of health and fitness in their everyday life.

Once that decision was made, I became a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. I moved to Canada in 2011, and built a thriving personal training business working for Goodlife. After 3 years of continued development and growth of knowledge, I felt the timing was right to establish my own Health and Fitness company—NobleVitality.

I wanted to create an environment where clients would be able to build positive relationships with exercise and nutrition. I wholeheartedly believe that you CAN have your cake AND eat it, too!!!! I know personal training (in the traditional sense) may not  bewithin every individual’s budget—which is why I have created three dynamic platforms to choose from (or mix and match), to get you on the path to reaching your goals, and provide you the support to get there! One-to-One Personal Training, Semi-Private Training and Online Personal Training!

Start your journey today with NobleVitality.



Certified Online Personal Trainer 

Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

Exercises Programming for Sports Conditioning

Outdoor Group Training Specialist 

Group Training Specialist

Fitness Testing and Advanced Training Programs 

Exercise & Applied Nutrition 

Bio Signature Certified

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