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SEmi private personal training 

Welcome to Semi-Private Training where you can achieve maximum results in a fun and competitive environment.

Whether your goals are to increase lean muscle, reduce body fat percentage, increase strength, sport specific goals, move pain free or run around with your children.

Semi-Private Training with a partner or friend is a great way to achieve your goals! Structure, Motivation, support, accountability and camaraderie are just some of the benefits to group training, but most of all you will have fun whilst on the way to achieving you're goals !

What will you get from group training ?

  • Free Consultation 

  • Free Assessment

  • Personalized periodized programs

  • Nutrition advice  (Example meal plans)

  • Macro nutrient break down bespoke to your goals and training 

  • Hands on coaching and exercises correcting!

  • Faster Results

  • Accountability 

Don't wait until tomorrow to make that change. Contact me today!!

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