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After turning 40, I realized I had a great family and a great job but often didn’t take time for myself. As a result, I found myself lacking enough energy throughout each day to keep going. So I turned to Good Life and met Nick.


Nick is a true professional who cares deeply about my whole health and wellness, not just my time at the gym. Eager to learn my goals, he designed a plan for me to first lose weight, increase my cardio and gain strength, while helping to keep me honest on my nutrition habits.

Personable and friendly, Nick is a great teacher. In addition to demonstrating the right movements, Nick explains why each exercise is important, what muscle group I am developing, and how it helps me achieve my goals.

Throughout the year, there were times I may have pushed it too hard or strained something. It was at these times that I truly appreciated Nick’s passion for good health and wellness given the time he dedicated to understand what pain I may have been feeling and how he could modify our plan so as to not cause further injury. Simply put – Nick cares.

A year later, I’m feeling simply awesome. No longer do I struggle throughout the day and wonder how I’m going to get through, but rather look forward to waking each day and living the Good Life.


I recommend Nick without hesitation.

Mike Heenan, 

Vice-President, Quality, People and Clinical Support Services


When I met Nick I had been working out for over 10 years and 6 of those with a trainer. Having moved across the country, I no longer had my trainer and found it hard to stay motivated and focused working on my own. I was also travelling a fair amount and eating out at least twice a week for business dinners. I needed help!

I interviewed a few trainers that did not impress and when I saw Nick's ad, I decided to meet with him too.


It was an easy decision to commit to training with Nick; he is professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I knew right away he was the type of trainer I was looking for. We started together 3 times a week and what I liked best is he catered to my needs; I thrive on hard work and expect an understanding of what and why. I got that, and more. I learned what to do between sessions with Nick without compromising the program he set out for me.


I did not have a huge amount of weight to lose but toned up nicely and quite quickly. He knew what I needed to get results.  In addition I improved my endurance a great deal and fell in love with sprinting on the track, thanks to Nick. And I had never been much of a runner! People regularly asked me what type of fitness regime I followed because of my physique and I was happy to give Nick and his training protocol credit. 


Having been a competitive equestrian for many years I endured quite a few broken bones and pulled ligaments. Not to mention a back injury, unexplained, that I suffered through for many years. Nick was clearly knowledgable about physiology and was able to cater our workouts to ensure further injury was avoided and weak areas were rehabilitated for strength. His advice was very consistent with my chiropractor and physiotherapist; impressive.


I moved away so discontinued our face-to-face training, unfortunately for me. Of late we have done some on line training and the protocol Nick designed was very customized for me. If you are considering personal training, whether face-to-face or on line, I highly recommend Nick. He is one of the best out there!

Kris Schinke, 

 Business  Executive & Equestrian Professional 


I began training with Nick a year ago. At the time i had knee problems and was a candidate for knee replacements. In fact the day we met for my assessment my knee was very swollen and i had very little mobility. I was concerned about whether i'd be able to train at all. From our first hour together, Nick addressed exactly what i needed to do to strengthen my knee. Over the past year with Nicks' guidance my knee has steadily and significantly improved to the point where i have now have little to no pain and swelling.

From the beginning of training Nick has been patient, understanding and accommodating with me and my sometimes erratic schedule. I care for my two year old grandson and from the start i told Nick that my sessions would have to be determined by his schedule and my health. Any time i had to reschedule a session Nick has responded with support and empathy. He adjusted his schedule several times so that i could train. He made it easy for me to prioritize training!


I am completely impressed with Nick's professionalism and knowledge. My training with Nick has truly benefited my life-I have lost 40lbs and several inches from my abdominal area. While they are just pounds and inches, the confidence and happiness that i get from knowing that i look the best i can has made me feel like a new person. I credit Nick with giving me the motivation, the knowledge and the encouragement to make such a positive change in my life.


I am so grateful that eventually connected  with Nick and could not be happier with the results!!!



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