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'The state of being strong and active'

 Personal Training


Noble vitality fit 

At Noble Vitality Fit  I understand that not everyone's goals are the same and there is no 'one size fits all' training program. They are as unique as someones DNA.

What i do know is the correct training program paired with the right nutrition and a relentless work ethic, i  can help you make your goals a reality!

Noble Vitality Fit offers one to one Personal Training, Online Personal Training, Semi Private Training and Hybrid programs, which is a combination of  one to one personal training and online personal training. I can help you start your fitness journey no matter your location! Contact Noble Vitality Fit today!


One to one Personal Training 



Throughout the year, there were times I may have pushed it too hard or strained something. It was at these times that I truly appreciated Nick’s passion for good health and wellness given the time he dedicated to understand what pain I may have been feeling and how he could modify our plan so as to not cause further injury.  Simply put – Nick cares.

Mike  / Vice-President, Quality, People and Clinical Support Services

I've worked  with Nick for over a year and he has helped me with not only strength and conditioning but also injury prevention. Identifying the root cause of my lower back issues and prescribing the right corrective program  has  enabled me to carry on  playing rugby at a competitive level.

Andrew  / Team Canada, Doncaster Knights, Ontario blues, Ontario Arrows & Burlington Centaurs

My self esteem was on the floor after having two children in three years and dreading returning to work and life outside the home. I could not see a way out of my rut and had given up on myself. Your programme gave me the knowledge, motivation and resources to implement changes including my outlook on health and fitness. Getting stronger and fitter has been more empowering than I could have imagined. 

Emma  / Architect 

I have gained muscle and lost 20 pounds in weight. I am no longer taking pain killers and am virtually pain free. I feel strong and confident physically, mentally and emotionally. The fitness goals we set keep me on track with my food choices and my lifestyle now includes regular fitness activities (even on holidays!)

Janet  / Senior Manager, Initiatives, National Office RBC

nicholas noble-willock

Health & Fitness Coach 

GTA, Canada 

Tel: 647-234-5616

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